Peculiar Teaching from Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend: Prophecy was not Predicting Future Until the ‘Medieval Times’ (False)

[Above screen photos are from January 9, 2012]

“Do not treat prophecies with contempt.” (1 Thessalonians 5:20)

Is this good “doctrinal fruit” from Brannon Howse?  Las Vegas Apologetics witnessed an interesting, public Facebook teaching on Brannon’s site which was taught in front of thousands.  Howse says in his first comment (see photo) that it was not until the “medieval times” that the word prophecy was associated with predicting the future.  The problem with this of course is that the entire Bible is… prophetic through and through.  The Prophets in the Old Testament (long before the Medieval Times) predicted hundreds of things that occurred in the future, including the place and other details of Christ’s birth and life!  Furthermore, Agabus the prophet (Acts 11:28) predicted by the Spirit an event that did happen in the future.  Agabus did this after Jesus was raised from the dead, but long before…the medieval times (i.e., the middle ages).  When I confronted Brannon with love, Brannon blocked me from his ministry page and would not answer my sincere questions.  What Brannon has taught here is false in light of the entirety of scripture, and therefore causes a division between believers based on unsound doctrine (Romans 16:17)!  Didn’t Daniel predict some details of the last days?  What about Isaiah?  Ezekiel?  Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about the false teachers and our Savior’s return per Jude 1:13-15 (something that would happen in the future).  See here for the Biblical definition of prophecy or the Greek word which means forthtelling or foretelling:

Here is the public conversation, copied and pasted: 

Topic: Good news! Branson Worldview Weekend registration is 5 times higher at this point then any of the previous eight years. You see, there are lots of Christians that want Biblical truth. Topic: Good news! Brannon is speaking right now to a church for three days that includes lots of young people that want to understand Biblical doctrine. Topic: Bible teacher describes God speaking and giving picture of what is the church and then mentions Church of Rome as the mixture of denominations. Topic: National conference with 35,000 college students has large screen that says “Jesus, speak to me”. One speaker asks the students how many of them heard the voice of God. Did any speaker make it clear to these students that we do not hear the voice of God today outside of the Scriptures? If we are hearing the voice of God then that is extra-Biblical revelation, and the Cannon is open and we can add to the Scriptures; which is specifically forbidden by God in the Scriptures. Topic: A very kind and gracious Catholic caller calls in to talk with Brannon. The caller wants to know why Brannon believes that the wafer in the Catholic communion does not become the literal body of Christ. The caller sites John 6:53-56. However, as Brannon explains, these verses have nothing to do with communion as this is Jesus speaking prior to the last super. In addition, if it were speaking of the communion then it would mean anyone that took communion is saved and that is not a Biblical gospel.

Brannon Howse The office of Prophet is closed. How many of these clowns have you heard give a false prophecy? Why do they give false prophecy, because they are false prophets. The gift of prophecy is the gift of speaking forth truth. The gift of preaching and teaching is very much a gift today. The gift of predicting the future is not. Don’t confuse the office with the gift and don’t confuse the meaning of the word prophecy as being someone that predicts the future. It was not until the medieval times that the word “prophecy” was associated with predicting the future. 32 minutes ago · Like
B. Brannon, yes gift of prophecy is speaking forth truth.  The gift is still alive today.  YES I believe there are ‘many’ false prophets.  YES they are clowns.  Of course.  I also, brother, believe in true prophets.  There were true prophets after Jesus left this earth.  He did not warn of the true prophets.  Otherwise, He would have said, “Beware the prophets”.  He said, ‘beware the false prophets’.  If He would have said, beware the prophets, nobody would have listened to the prophets in the early church.  The function of prophet as in, the prophets who wrote the Bible and write the scriptures, is closed, yes I agree.  There will be no “new revelation” in terms of adding to or taking away from scripture.  However, there were prophets in the early church.  They did not have the same role; they were not allowed to change Christ’s words.  They did not re-write Christ’s words.  They didn’t try to re-write anything.  They were simply humble people who served God.  The prophets in the early church did foretell.  So, do you believe the gift of prophecy, speaking for truth, is alive today just like teaching?
                     B.  Brother Brannon, may I please have a scripture back up that the gift of prophecy is extinct and that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, has stopped speaking to people today and for the last few thousand years? Thank you.35 minutes ago · Like    
B. I believe there are many false prophet clowns, today. YES brother I agree. LOL. Jesus said, beware the false prophets. He did not say beware the prophets. Those were not His words. See Matthew 7. Are you absolutely sure that the word ‘prophecy’ was not associated with predicting the future until the medieval times?23 minutes ago · Like         
B.  Matthew 7:15: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Jesus)21 minutes ago · Like 
B.  Brother, can you explain more to me your belief that it was not until the medieval times that the word ‘prophecy’ was even associated with predicting the future? Who spoke about that in the medieval times? When were the medieval times exactly? And, what is the meaning of the Word prophecy? Thank you for your time.6 minutes ago · Like           

Brannon Howse B, I hope this gives further clarification with some Scripture: Thanks
                 minutes ago · Like    
B.  Brannon, Could you please answer my questions on here brother? If you wouldn’t mind. It is very important to me. Thank you and I do appreciate your time. Blessings.4 minutes ago · Like    
B.  I am not understanding the medieval times statement. Please clarify and explain this to people, and if you wouldn’t mind brother, please answer my other questions as well. In love always, Thank you. Respectfully, B.about a minute ago · Like

Brannon Howse The office of Prophet is closed. How many of these clowns have you heard give a false prophecy? Why do they give false prophecy, because they are false prophets. The gift of prophecy is the gift of speaking forth truth. The gift of preaching and teaching is very much a gift today. The gift of predicting the future is not. Don’t confuse the office with the gift and don’t confuse the meaning of the word prophecy as being someone that predicts the future. It was not until the medieval times that the word “prophecy” was associated with predicting the future.5 hours ago · Like ·  3  

Byron J Kelley Difficult to listen to the program today. Every time I try to download it it comes to only 1KB. Anyone else have this problem?4 hours ago · Like   

Theresa Prada I’m getting “ERROR failed to load audio segment.” Can’t listen at all.3 hours ago · Like  

Philip Moss For me it says unable to download…3 hours ago · Like 

Diana D Hart Prophecy generally relates to the preaching of God’s Word not predicting the future. Brannon did a very thorough video on it. That is why he is directing you to a clip.3 hours ago · Like ·  1         
B.  I will wait patiently for your reply. A prompt reply would be appreciated if possible. It would be appreciated if you could reply with words instead of a video. Thank you again.2 hours ago · Like       

Philip Moss Biblical prophecy does proclaim the future but from God’s point of view. Once God’s Word has been fulfilled it is no longer prophecy but it still remains the eternal truth.2 hours ago · Unlike ·  1 

Diana D Hart B, I think he said on the show today that he is speaking at a church the next few evenings. 🙂2 hours ago · Unlike ·  1     

Philip Moss Hi Diana, hope you had a great Christmas2 hours ago · Like   

Diana D Hart Hello Phil!! Stop arguing with me. Lol.2 hours ago · Like ·  1  

Philip Moss You know me, have to throw a spanner in the works…but its all good my sister lol2 hours ago · Like ·  1          

Brannon Howse just got in from speaking at a church and the link is now fixed…sorry about that….2 hours ago · Like ·  2 

Byron J Kelley Depending on which web browser you’re using the error message will be different. Irregardless, the audio file can’t be downloaded or played. To pirate a line from Star Wars, “Come on Brannon oh buddy don’t let us down.” 😀2 hours ago · Unlike ·  1     
B. Did somebody delete my comments? I don’t see my last two on here. Again, I would appreciate words for the answers, and not a video. As I explained in my previous comment, last time I had questions I was answered with a video. Words would be appreciated. Thank you so much.32 minutes ago · Like     
B.  I have the questions above (on the medieval times comments) as well as these questions: 1. what was the role of an Old Testament Prophet and John the Baptist (before Christ left this earth)? 2. What was the role of a prophet in the church (after Christ left this earth) as seen in the Bible? 3. What did Jesus and the Apostle Paul say about prophets? 4. What is the difference between a true prophet and a false prophet; and what is the difference between an old testament prophet and a prophet today? 5. What scripture states that there would be no more prophets after Christ left the earth? 6. What is your view on the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit? 7. Does the Bible say there is a gift of preaching? Or rather, the gift of teaching and gift of prophecy? 8. Could you please explain this comment of yours from above: “Did any speaker make it clear to these students that we do not hear the voice of God today outside of the Scriptures? If we are hearing the voice of God then that is extra-Biblical revelation, and the Cannon is open and we can add to the Scriptures; which is specifically forbidden by God in the Scriptures.” 9. Is hearing the voice of God…’adding to the scriptures’? 10. Did Jesus say that prophets that came after Him, would not predict anything, and that the word ‘prophecy’ did not mean or have anything to do with predicting the future? 11. And again, my medieval times question, so the medieval times was the first time that the word ‘prophecy’ was ever spoken in reference to predicting the future? Who in the medieval times spoke about this; that is, who are you referring to? Please advise, as these are very important questions and issues. I (and God) would appreciate scriptures to prove your comments above. I know this seems like a lot of questions, but it is important, and I believe it is very important to God. Thank you and I appreciate your time. Blessings. With love.

Martha Sexton Bowen Acts 11:27-29 ESV “Now in these days prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch. And one of them named Agabus stood up and foretold by the Spirit that there would be a great famine over all the world (this took place in the days of Claudius). So the disciples determined, everyone according to his ability, to send relief to the brothers living in Judea.”15 hours ago · Unlike ·  1  

Martha Sexton Bowen Agabus wasn’t giving divine Scripture but foretelling a future famine that later came about. Also, Brannon, please do a word study on the word “office”- it’s actually not in the Greek and was inserted by the KJV translators. It’s not a biblical term. It would be worth doing a historical study on the word “office” and how it’s was erroneously inserted by the KJV translators (more Roman Catholic influence). Most modern translations do not use the word “office”.14 hours ago · Unlike ·  1       

Diana D Hart Oh my Martha…you are going to get Will Kinney going with those KJV comments. To all who have questions, Brannon has gone into great detail about ALL of this on his previous shows and videos. I understand B that you would like answers to all of your questions but I think if you will begin to listen to the radio program (it is obvious from your questions that you do not listen or at least not at all regularly) that you will get all the answers you desire. I have heard him address all of this many times on the show and in his videos. 🙂5 hours ago · Unlike ·  1  
B.  Thanks so much. However, I would like and appreciate an answer using words. That is what I am asking for. Please. Especially the medieval times comment. Your sister in Christ, B. 3 hours ago · Like     
B.  If we publicly use words to teach something, we should be willing to publicly use words to defend or answer questions to that teaching in the same manner. Thank you. That is my request I am making, with love and firmness. 3 hours ago · Like       

Mark Feagins Brannon does use words to defend and answer questions, just through his radio show. He is an extremely busy person so he probably doesn’t have time to constantly monitor all the posts on his facebook page. If you listen to the radio program, I think you’ll hear the “words” from Brannon that you’re asking about. With respect and love. By the way, Brannon, in case you do get a chance to read this…Thank you so much for everything that you do and speak about! May God bless you and your ministry according to His will!2 hours ago · Like
B.  If we have time to put out words and teachings, we have time to defend the same teachings in the same way. Brannon has written other things on Facebook since this post. Time is not an excuse. Answering my questions would be considerate and loving. I ask this in love, and I plead for answers to these questions. Thank you. “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” James 4:176 seconds ago · Like   
B.  Is Brannon open to questions asked in love, on his public teachings? I recall seeing a video where he said that we are to publicly confront teachings in a public way. (This is not the first time I have been ignored by this ministry when having questions on these topics). I am publicly asking these questions and for him to clarify his statements, as a good teacher of God would. The mark of a true teacher of God is to be humbly willing to discuss teachings, and not to resist questions (or corrections) on the teachings, from brothers or sisters in Christ (or anyone). As a teacher of God, I am open to correction from the scriptures. Proverbs says that if I wasn’t, I would be a fool. Romans 2: “And art confident that thou thyself art a guide of the blind, a light of them which are in darkness, 20 An instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, which hast the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law. 21 Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself? thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal? 22 Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? thou that abhorrest idols, dost thou commit sacrilege? 23 Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonourest thou God?”15 minutes ago · Like           
B. Truth never minds being confronted or questioned. Ever. There is something that minds being confronted or questioned. I understand Brannon may be busy. We are all busy. A true teacher of God is never too busy to defend the teachings they put out (within a reasonable amount of time). I know we all can’t respond to things right away. I have been asking since last night. I will be considerate and wait. I will wait patiently for a reply. But, I do want a reply, from Brannon, not from a follower of Brannon. Thanks and blessings. Waiting with patience and love.
Las Vegas Apologetics has witnessed that there was no reply from Brannon, but only unscriptural blocking to these valid, scriptural questions.  In defending the faith and exposing the false prophets and teachers today, teachers must be careful to not throw the baby out with the bath water.  Not all prophecy is evil.  Only false prophecy is evil.  After all, Jesus was a prophet.  Agabus was a New Testament prophet.  “And the same man had four daughters, virgins, which did prophesy” (Acts 21:9).


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