NEW: ‘Beware of Bethel’ by Bill Randles: A Brief Summary of Bill Johnson’s Unbiblical Teachings

This ministry and many others believe that Bill Johnson has led multitudes away from the sound doctrine of the Bible with his anti-Christian teachings and twisted scriptures which are not rightly divided (2 Timothy 2:15).  In early Christianity, this was certainly a problem as there were many sects that arose, such as Gnosticism.  The early apostles warned about these sects and divisions.  It is best to stay away from divisive teachers, those who teach heresy (Titus 3:10).  Remember, the Greek word for divisive is hairetikon or hairetikos which is from the same Greek word as hairetizo (Strongs 141) which means factious or a factious person; a schismatic.  The King James Version defines this as a “heretic”.   A heretic is someone who divides away from sound doctrine and especially those who teach their own opinions or traditions.  These are the people who Jesus termed “divisive” – not those who warned about such people, for even the apostles warned of heretics by name.  The pharisees were divisive because they were a Jewish sect and taught their human traditions over the Word of God (Mark 7:13).  Jesus commanded us to stay away from the teachers and pastors of sects (Romans 16:17) because they create divisions in the body of Christ.

“Beware of Bethel” by Bill Randles

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