Cults: Is Calvary Chapel a cult? Is the Moses Model doctrine unbiblical?

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Is Calvary Chapel a cult?  I am not saying it is or isn’t, but let’s explore the signs and evidence.  Most people view Calvary Chapels as a place where they can go to listen to sound, Biblical teaching. But what really goes on at Calvary Chapels? There are many lawsuits currently addressing abuse and molestation in Calvary Chapel churches. There have been hundreds of stories and many, many witnesses have come forward to share their stories at to these two amazing interviews: Radio Show, host RemnantRadio, interview of Alex Grenier concerning Calvary Chapel entitled, “dealing with devils”. Listen to another fantastic interview here.


Did you know that there are pagan origins for the upside-down dove symbol? This is the symbol that Calvary Chapel uses, instead of the cross! The following is an excerpt from this article entitled “Christian” Occult Symbols:

“There is a serious contradiction in…

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