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“What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?” George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), English writer who wrote under a male pen name

Hello and welcome.

CARN is so happy you found this site.  You are searching for answers and through technology, landed here.  Good for you that you are searching for truth!  So many today don’t care about truth.  Because of that, this ministry has humble gratitude to God that He would use this site in such a way (all glory to Him!).  Please know you are loved and hoping this site would bless, encourage, strengthen, comfort and even teach you and point you closer to the truth.

So, the intent of all content on this website is to edify other believers and to speak the truth with love.  You will not find a single lie or falsehood on this website.

Feel free to browse the categories drop-down menu!

This ministry was asked to accept donations.  No donations are accepted here.  There are many great Christian ministries that do accept donations.  This ministry recommends prayerfully donating to Compassion International orphan sponsorship, Spiritual Research Network.  Please note that even though there are often valid reasons for a ministry to accept donations, the work done here is not for any financial profit.  CARN writes for the Lord and His people, in His service.  CARN does not get paid for advertising and receives no payment of any kind.  If you see any advertising on this site, it is solely the doing of Wordpress and/or Adsense, etc.  and not for financial benefit.

CARN may mention certain public figures and/or organizations in some articles.  Please note that we pray for all parties and wish only God’s best for each and every person, church and organization.  All content written on this website is the sole opinion of CARN.  May everything shared on here make life easier for the fellow man.


All content on this site is Copyrighted 2013. You may share links to posts or pages, or “reblog” posts. This content must not be photographed or “copied and pasted” without the express written permission of CARN.

Thank you for your respect.

With love, truth and civility…



8 Responses to Welcome Message and Copyright Information

  1. My name is Monte Gardner. I am an event organizer for the Center for Science and Wonder, a secular community center in Las Vegas. I am trying to organize a series of debates on a variety of topics of social, spiritual and political significance. I would like to invite a Christian apologist to represent the Christian viewpoint on a few of these. If your interested, or know someone who is interested in doing this, please contact me at monteglenn AT gmail-dot-com


  2. Thanks for your comment. I will contact you soon.


  3. Kelly Powers says:

    Hello there. I just came across this site, looking into somethings. I used to fellowship and also served years ago in Vegas in the 90’s CCSV, CCGV, CCDLV, and also Calvary Chapel Melbourne in FL. I browsed this site to find out who the authors are, contributors, but cannot find out who you guys are. I would like to know who you guys are, your story in CC, if you served.

    Thank you,

    Kelly Powers


  4. Thank you very much! I appreciate you getting back to me.


  5. Hi David!

    I would suggest to have them pray about attending Canyon Ridge Church, perhaps. I would just caution them to stay away from Calvary Chapel churches and ICLV (International Church of Las Vegas) and with any church, make sure the beliefs are good and Biblical. If the leadership gets defensive when asked questions, it’s not a good church. Hope that this helps!!


  6. David Oak says:

    Hello, I have a Mormon friend whose husband and her have started to move away from the false Mormon gospel. They are moving the the NW part of the LV this week. Can you suggest a local church for them to attend?


  7. Site Admin says:

    Hi Brian, I would love to know more of your story. There are so many Christians who have had similar experiences. Thank you for your comment pertaining to Calvary Chapel Green Valley, Calvary Chapel Spring Valley, Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain and Meadow Mesa. God bless you, brother!


  8. Hi,
    I just came across your site through my occasional search on Calvary Chapels. I clicked on because of your being in Las Vegas as I am. I looked at you articles on the local Calvary chapels here and was wondering if you had an affiliation at one point. I want to keep this brief for now and wait for your correspondence. My history with CC’s in Las Vegas consist of being on the worship team for a brief time at Green Valley, worship leader for a period at Spring Valley, covering lead for David Medina at Lone Mtn. and Worship leader for Mike Wilte’s church plant “Meadow Mesa” for 3 years. My wife and I left when the Holy Spirit opened our eyes to the apostasy that is in all four of these “churches” and we confronted it to no avail. We, with several other families tried to get help from Costa Mesa but now realize in hind sight how futile that attempt was. Anyway, after much hurt, mending, prayer and the amazing truth and comfort of God’s word we are stronger in our faith than we ever were under what I can only call ( as God’s word does ) heresy. Our story is long so I’ll stop here and wait for your reply should you desire. I would like to know who you are.

    In God’s love and truth
    Brian Montagne
    alternate e-mail



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