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Alert! Planning on attending the upcoming ‘Built to Last Conference’ with Benny and Wendy Perez in Las Vegas? Read this first! Why does Beni Johnson hug the graves of dead people? Necromancy in the church?

According to a Christian Post article, Benny Perez, pastor of the Church at South Las Vegas, will be hosting a three-day pastors’ conference on November 5-7, 2013. Encouraging you to research before you go. Yesterday, I was investigating Beni Johnson … Continue reading

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An Invitation to Church of South Las Vegas…Quandary – False?

I am disturbed. ¬†I was sitting at a cafe in Henderson, Nevada weeks ago and God happened to place me right next to two people chatting – a man and a woman. ¬†According to my research, one of these people … Continue reading

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